Copenhagen Election A/S specialises in the provision of electoral materials to international organisations and election commissions worldwide. Copenhagen Election A/S is part of Copenhagen Group A/S.


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Jeppe Handwerk
President & CEO
Ulrik Hartmeyer Christiansen
Julie Sophie Hübertz
Managing Director

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Indelible Ink

Indelible ink is available as a silver nitrate free version and with a silver nitrate concentration, ranging from 14% to 25%. Indelible ink is clearly visible on all skin types and remains indelible for minimum 72 hours after application. Indelible ink is supplied in a 80ml or 100ml light-proven white and strong plastic bottle with a sponge inserted in bottle. The regular and solid bottle design ensures full stability on surface and allows for proper dipping of finger, even when almost empty.

Silver nitrate content of indelible ink bottle is tested and verified according to ICP-OES (M766, 2nd ed.).

Ballot Boxes

Ballot boxes are available in 3 different sizes (45L, 60L or 80L) and 4 different levels of transparency/translucency (from transparent to opaque). Lids are available in all colours.

Artwork and text applied to ballot box as either in-mould-labelling or adhesive label.

Ballot boxes are sealable by 5 or 7 security seals. Ballot boxes are sturdy and stackable.

Ballot boxes are tested and verified according to DS/EN ISO 12048:2001 (compression) and DS/EN ISO 2248:1986 (drop).

Plastic Security Seals

Security seals are available in different forms (flat or round type), widths, lengths and colours. Security seals are sequentially numbered using laser printing, up to 10 digits.

Security seals can withstand a pull-apart strength of up to 40 kg.

Security seals are tested and verified according to TS/EN ISO 527-2:2012 (tensile strength).