in-house developed CPH 605 high-performance marine diesel engine

November 10, 2022

CPH 605 - AHigh-Performance Diesel Engine


Copenhagen Global A/S has developed a 605 hp marine engine that offers the characterstics and performance of a high-performance diesel engine by modifying FPT Industrial's standard N67 550 hp engine.


An electronic variable geometry turbo (eVGT) provides increased horsepower and torque, which makes the CPH 605 engine quick to respond and capable of sustained high speeds.


The CPH 605engine is light weight and compact with a common rail, advanced electronic systems, and the utilisation of 4 valves/cylinders.


The standard FPT N67 550 hp engine has a demonstrated proven history of performanceand reliability in the construction, agriculture, and transportation industries.


Copenhagen Global A/S is able to supply CPH 605 engines from stock.