Expedition Buteng 2023 – A Freshwater Conservation Project In Indonesia

May 31, 2023

Expedition Buteng 2023 – A Freshwater Conservation Project In Indonesia.

Copenhagen Global A/S is a proud sponsor of the 2023 NIXIE Expeditions in Buteng, Indonesia.

In October 2023, a team of international cave explorers and scientists will work side by side with the local villages, Indonesian Government, Copenhagen University and the University of Gadjah Mada to research a pristine freshwater reservoir, located in a geologically unique area, with the aim to create sustainable access to freshwater for the local populations.

The team will collect data to start an Indonesian aquifer baseline, study the isolated water reservoir scientifically through eDNA and work with the Government to establish a conservation parameter for the area in general.

The expedition will broadcast LIVE into classrooms in Indonesia, North America and Scandinavia through “Exploring by the seat of your pants” to create awareness and raise curiosity amongst children and youngsters for the issue at hand.