Magirus GmbH Partner Conference, November 2023

November 15, 2023

Copenhagen Global A/S just attended the 3-day Magirus GmbH Partner Conference at the MAGIRUS HQ in Ulm, Germany together with 120 other delegates.

MAGIRUS Dealers from 45 countries around the World - from the APAC region in the East to the LATAM region in the West - attended the conference, which was last hosted back in 2018 due to COVID-19.


9 workshops were organised and conducted on MAGIRUS firefighting vehicles, equipment and services - ranging from the new Smart Control system installed on the turntable ladders to robotics to the new fleet management system, FleetConnect.


With close to 160 years in the market and 30,000+ firefighting vehicles in operation at present, MAGIRUS is one of the World’s leading manufacturers of firefighting vehicles and equipment.


Copenhagen Global A/S has successfully sold and supported MAGIRUS tank pumpers and turntable ladders since 2011.