Rescue Boats for the Danish Coastal Rescue Service.

April 4, 2024

The Danish Defence Logistic and Acquisition Organisation (DALO) has received several Fast Rescue Boats, equipped with twin FPT Industrial N67 550hp IMO Tier III engines and Frydenbø Industri AS NOx After Treatment System, to be operated by the Danish Coastal Rescue Service.

The Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), designed to comply with IMO Tier III emission regulations for FPT Industrial marine engines ranging from 3 to 15.9 litres, provides excellent environmental performance by reducing NOx emissions by over 70% and real-time emission monitoring enabled by the NOx sensor technology.

As the FPT Industrial master dealer in the Kingdom of Denmark, Copenhagen Global A/S will help service and maintain the engines installed in said Fast Rescue Boats for the Danish Coastal Rescue Service.

For more information on FPT Industrial engines and service offering, contact Pierpaolo Pignatelli,