Copenhagen Global A/S, as the official FPT Distributor in the Kingdom of Denmark, offers the full range of FPT Industrial engines, i.e. marine (commercial and pleasure), power generation, off road power units, off road construction, off road agriculture and on road.

Copenhagen Global A/S has its own team of engineers and mechanics to assist customers with the design, configuration and installation of engines and axillary items, e.g. driveline.



Copenhagen Global A/S has a team of fully trained and certified engineers and mechanics to service, maintain and repair FPT Industrial engines on- and off-site in Denmark and overseas.

Copenhagen Global A/S also has its own workshop, warehouse and DYNO test facility in Copenhagen, Denmark.




FPT Industrial offers a complete range of fuel-efficient products characterised by high quality, superb features, and broad application versatility, that guarantee maximum performance, the best propulsion, and efficiency even in the most demanding sailing conditions. The marine line up includes engines from 2.9 to 15.9 litres displacement and power between 85 to 1,000 hp for all applications.

power generation

FPT Industrial's products consist of innovative power systems, able to meet the daily needs of the various sectors in which they can be used. The generator set contained within these lines represent a certainty in terms of capability and reliability. The FPT catalogue for this specific section is divided between G-drive products and soundproofed Gensets. This segment is divided into four engines families from 2.9 to 15.9 litres displacement with a power output between 31 and 600 k VA at 50 Hz.

on road

FPT Industrial certified engines are powerful, reliable, robust and innovative. The range of engines for on-road applications, based on three advanced engineering powertrain families (F1, NEF and CURSOR), with displacements from 2.3 to 12.9 liters, power ratings from 97 to 570 hp and maximum torque levels from 240 to 2,500 Nm, suits every daily challenge through a cost-effective solution.

OFF ROAD power units

FPT Industrial offers a series of plug-and-play power solutions designed for a wide range of applications, both stationary and mobile, which always meet flexibility and performance requirements in various formats. Range includes four engine families (F28, F5, NEF and Cursor), with displacement ranging from 2.8 to 12.9 litres and power ranging from 37 to 407 kW (50 to 554 hp).

OFF ROAD construction

FPT Industrial offers engines for various construction applications, such as excavators, wheel loaders, skid steer loaders, graders, dozers, forklifts, snowploughs and cranes. Engines within this segment range from 40 to 670 kW and displacements from 2.8 to 20 litres. Breakthrough, patented technologies for after-treatment systems make the engines suitable for all regions where different emissions limits apply, without compromising on performance, layouts or productivity.


FPT Industrial offers engine solutions for all agricultural applications - from tractors to harvesting machines. In 2011, FPT Industrial was the first to introduce an SCR-only solution on diesel engines for agricultural applications that enables farmers to comply with the strictest eco-regulations without affecting productivity. Recently, FPT Industrial has also introduced natural gas versions for even more sustainable farming needs.



Copenhagen Global A/S has a fully functional engine, boat and vehicle workshop in Copenhagen, Denmark. The team of trained and certified mechanics is able to service, maintain and repair all makes and models of engines, boats and vehicles, including heavy-duty trucks, fire trucks, construction equipment, and agricultural machinery.

dyno test facility

Copenhagen Global A/S has an in-house Power Test 50X-Series Water Brake Engine Dynamometer designed for testing electric motors, industrial gasoline, military, construction and light- to medium-range diesel applications from 50 hp to 1,500 hp at speeds up to 6,000 rpm.

spare parts

Copenhagen Global A/S stocks genuine FPT spare parts for industrial and marine engines at its warehouse in Copenhagen, Denmark for fast and immediate delivery to customers.


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